Flat roof installations and repairs in Surrey

Surrey Roofing can install any type of fibreglass flat roof and are an authorised installer of Topseal fibreglass flat roofs, high-quality roofs which are fully guaranteed for 25 years.

The following is an example of the typical production process for a fibreglass roof.

Stage 1: The flat roof site is carefully prepared prior to work commencing. Any hazards are removed and debris cleared. The process of stripping all roof coverings can now begin.


Stage 2: The flat roof is stripped back to the original joist work. All rafters are cleaned off and the condition of timbers inspected for rot or decay.


Stage 3: All decking is renewed and treated. Re-decking of this roof area pictured uses 2400 x 590 x 18mm interlocking OSB3 boards.


Stage 4: Particular care is now taken to keep roofs completely watertight overnight.


Stage 5: Pre-formed fibreglass edge trims are now installed to all walls and abutments.


Stage 6: The fibreglass system is installed fully bonded to roof deck and edge trims.


Stage 7: Lead flashings and coping stones are applied where necessary.


Stage 8: Topcoat is now applied and fully bonded to fibreglass to leave a clean and smooth finish. The fibreglass system is liquid applied; therefore any complexity can easily be overcome.


Stage 9: Now that the roof is complete and boasting a clean smooth finish, the site is cleared to leave a fully fibre glassed roof guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years.


All fibreglass roofs are completed with a clean smooth finish.


Fibreglass system is liquid applied; therefore any complexity can be overcome with ease.